By Barrie Wilkinson

Lincolnshire Wildlife Trust, 2018

Pbk, 140pp; many colour and black-and-white photographs

ISBN 978-0-9538270-4-6; £15 from Gibraltar Point visitor centre and Lincolnshire Wildlife Trust (tel. 01507 526667)

Gibraltar Point covers an area of more than 400 ha on the Lincolnshire coast, between the south end of Skegness and the northern entrance to the Wash. It has been managed by Lincolnshire Wildlife Trust since 1949, but Barrie Wilkinson traces the known history of the site for more than 200 years, from the drainage of the fens, via two world wars, to the present-day reserve. The author’s careful research highlights the people who lived and worked there and how nature conservation ultimately trumped the prospect of yet another seaside resort. Since then, the management of Gibraltar Point has always been a balance between wildlife and human visitors and, after a working lifetime of surveying and managing Lincolnshire’s reserves, Barrie Wilkinson is ideally placed to tell the story of this iconic National Nature Reserve. Any regular visitor will find much to enjoy in this book.

Roger Riddington


Issue 6
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Roger Riddington
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