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County Recorders

This list (click HERE to download an excel file), arranged in alphabetical order of recording area, provides the key point of contact for that area. In the majority of cases, the Recorder will be the appropriate person to deal with all aspects of bird records from that area, including rarities and rare breeding birds, but if not they will be able to redirect your query. In a few cases, a separate contact is shown as being the main contact for rarities.

Name County Email Position
ATKINSON, Mark Alderney, Channel Isles [email protected] Recorder
WRIGHT, David Anglesey [email protected] Recorder
COOK, Jon Angus & Dundee [email protected] Recorder
CHATTWOOD, Malcolm Argyll [email protected] Assistant Recorder
DICKSON, Jim Argyll [email protected] Recorder (Rarities)
HIGGINS, Rupert Avon [email protected] Recorder
SIMPSON, Fraser Ayrshire [email protected] Recorder
NASH, Peter Bedfordshire [email protected] Recorder
WALFORD, Marek Berkshire [email protected] Recorder
MONCRIEFF, Martin Borders [email protected] Joint Recorder
PARKINSON, David Borders [email protected] Joint Recorder
KING, Andrew Breconshire [email protected] Recorder
WALLEN, Mike Buckinghamshire [email protected] Recorder
PRITCHARD, Rhion Caernarfonshire [email protected] Recorder
MANSON, Sinclair Caithness [email protected] Recorder
BACON, Louise Cambridgeshire [email protected] Recorder
HARPER, Gary Carmarthenshire [email protected] Recorder
JONES, Russell Ceredigion [email protected] Recorder
PULSFORD, Hugh Cheshire & Wirral [email protected] Recorder
CROSSLEY, Alan Cleveland [email protected] Recorder
GIBSON, Iain Clyde [email protected] Recorder
WILSON, VAL Clyde [email protected] Assistant Recorder (Rarities)
ZONFRILLO, Bernard Clyde Islands [email protected] Recorder
BELL, Chris Co. Durham [email protected] Assistant Recorder (Rarities)
KINGHORN, Andrew Co. Durham [email protected] Recorder
PARKER, Dave Cornwall [email protected] Recorder
HIND, Chris Cumbria [email protected] Recorder
SPENCE, Ian Denbighshire [email protected] Recorder
FROST, R. Derbyshire 1 [email protected] Joint Recorder
GARTON, Syd Derbyshire 2 [email protected] Joint Recorder (bird report)
KEY, Rodney Derbyshire 3 [email protected] Recorder (rarities)
RYLANDS, Kevin Devon [email protected] Recorder
UPTON, Geoff Dorset [email protected] Recorder
STANLEY, Ian Dorset [email protected] Recorder (rarities)
ROBSON, Shaun Dorset [email protected] Recorder (rare breeding birds)
COLLIN, Paul Dumfries & Galloway [email protected] Recorder
BRISTOW, Phil East Glamorgan [email protected] Recorder
SPENCER, James East Yorkshire [email protected] Recorder
TRACEY, Mick Essex [email protected] Recorder
PARNABY, David Fair Isle [email protected] Recorder
SPARSHOTT, Graham Fife [email protected] Recorder
SPENCE, Ian Flintshire [email protected] Recorder
BAATSEN, Richard Gloucestershire [email protected] Recorder
TAYLOR, Rob Gower [email protected] Recorder
PAYNE, Roger Greater London [email protected] Recorder & Editor
McKERCHAR, Ian Greater Manchester [email protected] Recorder
LAWLOR, Mark Guernsey, Channel Isles [email protected] Recorder
SPITTLE, Darryl Gwent [email protected] Recorder
BETTON, Keith Hampshire [email protected] Recorder
COLQUHOUN, Mick Herefordshire [email protected] Recorder
GARDINER, Alan Hertfordshire [email protected] Recorder
POYNER, John Highland [email protected] Recorder
SHARPE, Chris Isle of Man [email protected] Recorder
ENGLISH, Iain Isle of May [email protected] Recorder
ATTRILL, Robin Isle of Wight [email protected] Recorder
HEADON, John Isles of Scilly [email protected] Recorder
PAINTIN, Tony Jersey, Channel Isles [email protected] Recorder
WRIGHT, Barry Kent [email protected] Recorder
WATMOUGH, Brian Kent [email protected] Recorder for RBBP species
WHITE, Steve Lancashire & North Merseyside [email protected] Recorder & Editor
BAGGOTT, Carl Leicestershire & Rutland [email protected] Recorder
HYDE, Phil Lincolnshire [email protected] Recorder
WELCH, Stephen Lothian [email protected] Recorder
DUSTOW, Jim Meirionnydd [email protected] Recorder
BOYES, Simon Montgomeryshire [email protected] Recorder
COOK, Martin Moray & Nairn [email protected] Recorder
NIXON, Kieran Norfolk [email protected] Assistant Recorder (Rarities)
LAWTON, Neil Norfolk [email protected] Recorder
COURT, Ian North Yorkshire [email protected] Recorder
BROADBENT, Ian North-east Scotland [email protected] Recorder
COOK, Jon Northamptonshire [email protected] Recorder
GORDON, George Northern Ireland [email protected] Recorder
DEAN, Tim Northumberland [email protected] Recorder
HALL, Andy Nottinghamshire [email protected] Recorder
NEAVE, Russ Orkney [email protected] Recorder
BENTING, Yvonne Outer Hebrides [email protected] Recorder
LEWINGTON, Ian Oxfordshire [email protected] Recorder
GREEN, Jon Pembrokeshire [email protected] Joint Recorder (Rarities)
BERRY, Stephen Pembrokeshire [email protected] Joint Recorder
PATERSON, Scott Perth & Kinross [email protected] Recorder
JENNINGS, Pete Radnorshire [email protected] Recorder
FRAY, Rob Shetland [email protected] Recorder
GRANT, Ian Shropshire [email protected] Recorder
GIBBS, Brian Somerset [email protected] Recorder
WELLS, Martin South Yorkshire [email protected] Recorder
POMIANKOWSKI, Nick Staffordshire [email protected] Recorder
FULCHER, Craig Suffolk [email protected] Recorder (rarities)
GREEN, Andrew Suffolk NE [email protected] Suffolk NE
MASON, Scott Suffolk SE [email protected] Suffolk SE
JAKES, Colin Suffolk W [email protected] Suffolk W
CHASTELL, Steve Surrey [email protected] Recorder
MALLALIEU, Mark Sussex [email protected] Recorder
PENDLEBURY, Chris Upper Forth [email protected] Recorder
HILL, Chris Warwickshire [email protected] Recorder
CLEMENTS, Kevin West Midlands [email protected] Recorder
JOWETT, Andy West Yorkshire [email protected] Recorder
ADAMS, Nick Wiltshire [email protected] Recorder
PAYNE, Steven Worcestershire [email protected] Recorder
ROBINSON, Chris Yorkshire [email protected] Recorder (rarities)

Bird Observatories

Name County Email Position
Steven Standsfield Bardsey [email protected] Warden
Kevin Scott Calf of Man [email protected] Ringer in charge
Dave Walker Dungeness [email protected] Warden
David Parnaby Fair Isle [email protected] Warden
George Watola Filey Brigg [email protected] Recorder
Chrys Mellors Flamborough [email protected] Warden
Kevin Wilson Gibraltar Point [email protected] Site Manager
Steve Williams Hilbre [email protected] Records Secretary
Sophie Barker Holme [email protected] Warden
Iain English Isle of May [email protected] Warden
Nigel Odin Landguard [email protected] Recorder
Alison Duncan North Ronaldsay [email protected] Warden
Martin Cade Portland [email protected] Warden
Ian Hodgson Sandwich Bay [email protected] Warden
Richard Brown & Giselle Eagle Skokholm [email protected] Warden
Paul Collins Spurn [email protected] Warden
Colin Raven Walney [email protected] Recorder