Birds of Colombia

By Steven L. Hilty

Lynx Edicions, 2021

Flexibound, 608 pages; over 3,600 colour illustrations, maps

ISBN 978-84-16728-24-4; £54.99

With illustrations of, quite literally, every bird in the world at their disposal, the Lynx team have yet again made good use of this fantastic resource by putting together a field guide for the most avian-rich country on Earth: Colombia. Weighing in at over a kilogramme, this guide is thicker than most, but its size can be forgiven when one takes into account that it covers over 2,000 species, all presented in a clear and aesthetically pleasing layout with around 3–5 species per page. The texts are concise and helpful, the maps are easy to interpret and the illustrations are – as expected – top class. Each account includes a QR code that links the user to the eBird page for that species, where a more granular distribution based on real-life observations can be found along with facts, photos and sound recordings. While this internet-based resource may not be accessible in some remote areas, the inclusion of the QR code saves space in the book by referring the reader elsewhere for anything other than what’s essential in the field. 

Stephen Menzie

Issue 4
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