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Front-cover photograph: Olive-backed Pipit Anthus hodgsoni, Cornwall, April 2011. Ben Lucking


422      News and comment   Maddy Hine and Russ Malin

427      Report on scarce migrant birds in Britain in 2021

Part 2: passerines       Steve White and Chris Kehoe

450      Long-term declines in Greenfinch numbers in Kent              Andrew Henderson

456      The reactions of nesting and non-breeding Great White Egrets to raptors  Andrew Bloomfield     

460      Twin embryos in a Peregrine Falcon egg        A. A. (Tony) Bell

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I’m writing this editorial from the Global Birdfair in Rutland, the successor to the British Birdwatching Fair. Some things have changed from the Birdfair of old – the site where the Global Birdfair is held is different, closer to the town of Oakham and without a view of the lagoons from the optics tent; but many things have stayed the same – the exhibitors, the visitors and, of course, this year at least, the mud. It’s been great to meet so many supporters of BB, from subscribers to authors. It’s also been fantastic to meet so many up-and-coming young birders who, I’m convinced, are even keener than I was at their age. Amongst the visitors, it was encouraging to see an increasing amount of diversity, too. I wrote my last e-newsletter editorial on the subject – if you’re not subscribed to our monthly newsletter, you can read what I wrote here, and you can sign up to the newsletter on our website. Birding is certainly a hobby that should be open to all, and we hope, as exemplified by the diverse range of papers in this month’s issue, that BB continues to offer something of interest for everyone.

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