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Front-cover photograph: Eurasian Stone-curlew Burhinus oedicnemus, Norfolk, April 2009. 

David Tipling

54        News and comment   Maddy Hine and Russ Malin
59        Action for Birds in England: partnership working to deliver species-focused conservation Mark A. Eaton, Andy Brown, Andy Evans, David W. Gibbons, Phil Grice, Leigh Lock, Laurence Rose, Simon Wotton and Richard D. Gregory
87        Zino’s Petrel off Scilly: new to Britain            Robert L. Flood
94        The American Goshawk in Britain                  Andy Stoddart
100      Notes
103      Reviews
106      Recent reports
108      My patch

We know that all too many of our birds are in trouble and that action needs to be taken – but taking such action isn’t always easy, especially if the causes of declines are unknown or the problems are widespread. Action for Birds in England (AfBiE) is perhaps one of the most important conservation partnerships in England, yet many of us may not know much about it. The collaboration, between RSPB and Natural England, aims to research and implement action for struggling species in England, working with other groups and NGOs in the process. In our lead paper this month, an overview of everything that AfBiE is doing is given, along with a number of case studies that highlight where the initiative has succeeded – and areas where work still needs to be done.

Stephen Menzie, Editor

Issue 2
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