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125 Great bird reserves: RSPB Titchwell Marsh Norman Sills

152 A review of early historical records of Collared Pratincoles in Britain, and new British first records of Collared, Black-winged and Oriental Pratincoles Christopher J. McInerny, Robert Y. McGowan,  Robin M. Sellers, Martina Cafiso and J. Martin Collinson

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Some of my happiest birding memories come from RSPB Titchwell Marsh, Norfolk. On my first visit, I added a host of new birds to my list, including Black-crowned Night Heron and Black-winged Stilt. As an impressionable 12-year-old, turning up to a site and seeing such rare birds alongside pools full of wildfowl and migrant waders was an experience I’ll never forget. Multiple visits since have seen me enjoying flocks of Curlew Sandpipers in autumn, an Arctic Redpoll and a showy Eurasian Woodcock adjacent to the car park, and a flock of migrant Garganeys dropping in onto the freshwater marsh in spring – to name but a few of the magical moments that I’ve experienced on the reserve. Last year, Titchwell Marsh celebrated 50 years as an RSPB reserve, and it’s only fitting that this famous reserve receives a substantial write-up, detailing the first half-century of the work carried out and the bird life that has been recorded on and in the series of pools, reedbeds and copses there.

Stephen Menzie, Editor

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