RSPB/BB Birders Lecture

Birdfair 2019 – Identification of Eastern vagrants to Britain by Per Alström

Siberian Rubythroat, Siberian Blue Robin, White’s Thrush… some tantalising Asian vagrants that most British birders dream of finding on their local patch! Although often skulking and tricky to get good views of, these are easy to identify. However, some of the warblers, like Arctic, Greenish and Two-barred – as well as some close relatives of these that are not yet on the British list – are more challenging to distinguish.

In his talk at 2019’s Birdfair, Professor Per Alström discussed the identification of an array of eastern vagrants, but also highlight the enormously improved knowledge in this field over the last few decades, alongside mention of some of his own struggles to learn more about these birds.

A PDF version of the talk to accompany the above audio can be downloaded HERE.