01 June 2011
Comments Notes On 13th July 2010, while returning from a singlehanded voyage to west Greenland, I had a close encounter with, and was able to pho- tograph, a Black-browed Albatross Thalas- sarche melanophris (plate 184). It was at about 10.00 hrs local time, and my posi...
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Mystery Photographs

01 April 1984
Comments Main paper Last month's mystery photograph (plate 37, repeated here) should have proved to be a real teaser lor the majority of readers. Since size, at sea, is always difficult to judge, it is useful to have an albatross so nicely positioned in the background. Ou...
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01 June 1968
Comments Letters The Bass Rock albatross Sirs,--Having worked upon four species of albatross for a number of years {Polar Record, 10: 145-146; 11: 282-283; I 2 : 601-602), I was interested to read George Waterston's account {Brit. Birds, 61: 22-27) of the Black-browed Alb...
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