Monthly marathon

01 March 2000
Comments Other January's bird (plate 32, repeated here as plate 90) was a brown, streaky thing and, just to make it more difficult (at least for birders used to field identification), it was in the hand. We can, however, quickly narrow down the hunt: the only West Pa...
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01 February 1966
Comments Letters Puffinosis among Manx Shearwaters Sirs,--In his paper describing the virus disease, puffinosis, among Manx Shearwaters Procellaria puffinus on Skokholm, Pembrokeshire (Brit. Birds, 58: 426-434), Dr. M. P. Harris discusses the epizootics of 1962, 1963 and ...
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01 May 1957
Comments Notes Vagrants at Skokholm in September 1956.--At Skokholm the period gth-i2th September 1956 was one of outstanding interest, with consid'erable variety of common migrants and four species which are major rarities in Wales. T w o juvenile Ortolan Buntings (Emb...
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