01 September 1944
Comments Notes As already reported in Brit. Birds (antea, Vols, xxxiii, p. 194, xxxv, p. 58, xxxvi, p. 143), a female Carrion Crow (Corvus c. corone) and a male Hooded Crow (Corvus c. comix) interbred in a wood in south Co. Dublin in 1939, 1940, 1941 and 1942. In 1943 ...
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01 October 1928
Comments Letters SIRS,---I read with much interest two notes on the stripping of lime twigs b y Rooks (antea, p . 36). I t would n o t be wise t o conclude t h a t every twig found in this condition had been barked b y Rooks. I have watched a squirrel stripping twigs in a...
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