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More on lead poisoning

29 May 2018
Comments News and comment The extent and cost of wildlife being poisoned by spent lead ammunition is higher than previously thought, according to figures in a new report by an expert advisory panel. Ducks, geese and swans are the main victims. They gobble up some of the 5,000 ton...
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Cuckoos in London

11 May 2018
Comments News and comment On the evening of 21st May, there’s a London meeting of the British Ornithologist's Club at which Bard Stokke, a world expert on Cuckoo parasitism, will be speaking - should be of interest t...
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New voting member for BBRC

08 May 2018
Comments News and comment BBRC is seeking a new voting member in 2018, to replace Chris Batty. Chris joined BBRC in 2007 and will thus have completed an 11-year stint on the Committee by his retirement in August. His contribution has been characterised by a forensic eye for detail...
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